• A two/three times a week group fitness class that combines cutting edge fitness infused with the power and love of God.
  • A complete full body workout designed to work every major muscle group in a safe and effective manner.
  • Fun, Joy, Power, and Strength that come when we get our bodies moving.
  • Working out the body while working in the Word of God.
  • An opportunity to become healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
  • A place free from the judgement, and the negative stereotyping common in secular gyms.
  • No pressure to perform, only acceptance, and a safe environment in which to move freely!

    Objectives of Class:

    • To find our identity and value in Christ alone.
    • To promote health, nutrition and fitness in a way that honors God.
    • To build a community of believers to support and encourage one another in the pursuit of health goals and God's plan for their lives.
    • To provide a practical outreach to the community that people are otherwise seeking from health clubs.
    • RevFit classes are an all over body workout that includes cardio, endurance and strength training. Class styles are similar to Bootcamps, Circuits, HIIT, and Tabata. Class styles change weekly!
    • Drumstick Fuzion is an all over body workout including cardio and strength training. It infuses movement with drumsticks, a little bit of dancing and in between sets is strength training. This class is similar to Pound.

    How the class is structured:

    • We start every class by reading God's Word. This time is designed to explore verses in greater depth, dwell in His presence through His Word and apply His truth to our lives. We are intentional about refocusing our attention back to Christ as the center of our lives. We will explore Faith, Courage, Renewal, Hope, Integrity and more!
    • Throughout the workout we come back to the day's theme frequently as a reminder of Who we are here for.
    • Workouts include: Warm-up, cardio, endurance, strength endurance, flexibility (stretch), and a cool down. Modifications will be demonstrated for ALL levels of fitness. It's not about comparison. It's about compassion.