Faithfully Fit and Reving 1 on 1

When It's More Than FOOD & FITNESS......

Reving 1 on 1

Reving 1 on 1 is more in depth personal training. Reving 1 on 1 is an 12 week personal training transformation. This transformation starts from the inside. It will include The Wellness Revelation book study, a guide to get to the root cause of why we do things in our lives, what's really weighing us down (not just the number on the scale) and how to overcome and stay an OVERCOMER! Reving 1 on 1 includes two workouts a week with your Faithful Coach, study time on your own following The Wellness Revelation book study, food journaling, a workout calendar and committing to a lifestyle change of Freedom. For more information contact Heather.*** If you are looking for personal training less than 12 weeks we have options for that as well. Faithfully Fit & Wellness is here to accommodate your needs. It's not about us, it's about you and your personal spiritual, physical and mental transformation. We are just the vessel used by God!